Notion databases let you: Combine data from different sources; Impose your own structure on the data; Import and embed data in different blocks and pages; Toggle between viewing the same data as a calendar, board, list, table, and more; The ability to establish a relational data model through interrelated databases is among Notion’s most powerful features. is a productivity and organization platform focused on allowing users to create anything that they need from notes to entire databases. Check our compilation of top Notion tips and tricks to improve your productivity. Notion calls itself the all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. One of your pages \ notes in the personal wiki would be titled “Notion Setting Ideas.” Put it in the favorites section. It will come in handy when you combine those databases with the task management database. In the following tip, I want to show how a user can consolidate all of these properties into one cell, or “formula” property to create a custom ID. The beauty of Notion’s block system is that you can duplicate any of these formulas and tables into your own workspace (or import them from our Template Gallery). Download these formulas into your Notion workspace. Its suite of high-functioning tools makes it one of the most versatile apps on the market. I fell in love soon after I began using it because of its minimalistic design and flexibility. Set an inbox With the Relation property, you can connect items in one database to items in another database. For example, you can link contacts to their companies, projects to their tasks, and recipes to their ingredients. Notion also lets you create custom database structures, using a blank template like the one above. Our Notion Course Supercharge your Productivity is currently closed for enrollment, but sign up here to be notified when we re-open.. Getting your shoes fixed at the cobbler is a pretty straightforward task, easily handled by any to-do list app. You can simply develop databases and track your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly progress. You can combine databases and silos and – the two power features of Notion. This ID will allow for a minimal database view. But the company delayed it amid a surge in … Notion is made up of an array of ‘blocks’ that are broad in both purpose and complexity, and are what make it special. Notion is all about databases. The ability to create and manipulate databases in Notion really is Notion’s superpower. CSV (commas separated values) files are the base file format that spreadsheet applications (like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets) and database applications (like Notion) can both read. Notion provides a collection of custom “properties” that database entries can be categorized by. Creating routine tracking databases. The next stop on our Notion tutorial is a deep-dive into Notion Databases. If you have already dragged most of your life into your Notion workspace, Why not create routine tracking databases?! While building your personal wiki in Notion, record ideas and notes for the other solutions you will want to have in Notion. Notion has intended to make the personal plan free since last year, said Ivan Zhao, Notion’s CEO. Notion is an all-in-one style productivity booster.